Your corporate social responsibility support team

Cocomply offers support within two main service packages and extra service offers:

Basic service package :
Getting started
Train your colleagues
Screen supply chain and conduct a risk analysis
Develop BSCI implementation plan for your company
Support by putting the implementation plan into practice (in coordination with buying department)
Inform business partners, manage signing Terms of Implementation by business partners, producer participation in BSCI training, arrange first audits
    Hotline: Contact Cocomply for help any time

      Full support package :
      Basic service package
        Monitor changes: follow up on audits
          Coordinate regular review of supply chain status , report to relevant departments of the company
            Yearly visit, presentation and discussion about developments throughout the year (Including executive summary)                                                                                                                                  

            However, the support for you will be tailor-made to your specific needs.

            The services Cocomply offers are an ideal and complementary add-on to your participation in BSCI. Whereas FTA provides you with the system BSCI, Cocomply helps you in implementing it. As BSCI and the service offering of Cocomply are complementary, both organizations cooperate in a partnership setting. 

            If  you have not committed to a system we can help you in the decision process.