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About us

We perform inhouse trainings on all different aspects or help you with your BSCI implementation .In the case of BSCI implementation we will have to know each other better, to understand your company and your needs. We start by meeting you and the relevant departments of your company, screen your supply chain and conduct a risk analysis. 

With regard to helping you to implement and improve social compliance in your supply chain, we focus on implementing the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) Code of Conduct for companies participating in the BSCI.

If you are a new BSCI participant, we help you in getting started with BSCI, especially being trained on BSCI. It is essential that your company is well prepared before taking the next step.

We help you in involving your suppliers in the BSCI process, i.e. involve them in training, monitoring and auditing measures and – most importantly – regular follow-up.

We coordinate the regular review of your supply chain status and report to you and the relevant departments of your company.

Optionally we are supporting you in crisis management, stakeholder relations, additional training, supplier visits, etc

Our team

Lorenz Berzau

The team is headed by Lorenz Berzau. Lorenz has been involved in developing BSCI from its beginning in 2003, being its Managing Director until 2015. Lorenz is now dedicated to give trainings ( in English and German) and to help importing companies, retailers and brands to implement BSCI in their supply chains.

Ferry den Hoed

Ferry has a long carreer in retail and wholesale. He was the COO of Euretco and Etam in the Netherlands. He has a vast experience with production in the Far East , India and Eastern Europe.